My Long Hiatus

It’s been a long time since I last posted on this blog.  My excuse?  I quit my job, gave away most of my belongings, and moved to Hawaii with my boyfriend who I have only been dating a few months.  This is not typical behavior for me, folks!  I usually am the type of person to over analyze and play it safe by not making drastic changes in my life for fear of regretful consequences.

Last winter I felt I was in a rut.  I did not really enjoy my job which I had gone to school for many years to achieve.  I went through many terrible and embarrassing online dates with pretentious Portland dudes.   I craved change for the better and sunshine to replace the Pacific Northwest’s dreary climate.  With only myself and my cat to look after and my 30th birthday approaching next year, I made the decision to make my life what I always wanted it to be.  I wanted to move to Hawaii.

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